About Rentonomy

Bailey - The Rentonomy mascot

Rentonomy owes its origins to a dog called Bailey.

When Bailey first came to London from Canada he and his owner had a truly terrible experience trying to find somewhere to live. Because there was no one to help them find where to live, they ended up living in totally inappropriate properties in a part of town which was all wrong for them.

When we heard about poor Bailey’s plight we thought, there must be a better way. So we started fairly as a humble blog giving people advice on renting in London and helping people find the best places to live. Then we thought we’d go one step further and build a tool to match each user with their perfect area. That’s when things went a bit crazy.

People from all over the world started using the "Where should I live?" app and loving it. But the question at the end was always the same - “the area’s perfect but why can’t I see any properties on your site?”. We knew we needed to build a portal, but one quite unlike anything that’s ever been built before. A portal that puts renters first.

So we put together a team of tech and London rental property specialists and created what you see before you now. An online portal that connects the right tenants with the right homes and provides everything needed for easy and secure renting.

Happy renting.

David and Tim from Rentonomy- Signature