How much should I pay?

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Am I paying too much in rent?

This tool is designed to help people quickly find out what they can expect to pay in rent in London. It's useful for people moving to London for the first time and for existing renters asking the question "Am I paying too much in rent?" Read more

Find out how much you should be paying

A simple tool with informative results

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First tell us where the property is

The location of the property is the single biggest factor when it comes to rent levels so the first stage is to tell us which area the property is in.

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Then say how big is it?

Space in London is in very short supply, so the bigger the property the higher the rent. The number of bedrooms is the most important factor but other rooms also affect the rent.

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Brand new or well worn?

The condition of the property has a big impact on the rent. If it’s brand new and nicely decorated the rent will be a lot higher than a similar property in worse condition.

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Drum-roll please!

Once we have all in information we need, we’ll tell you what you can expect to pay. The more information you provide, the narrower the ranged result will be and the higher the confidence score.