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Rental property search in London

The matchmaker search is an alternative to the traditional search (enter postcode, select bedrooms etc). We built it because we know finding the ideal property is hard, even with millions to choose from. Tell us who you are and what your expectations are and we'll match you with the best possible property for you. Read more

Find your perfect area of London

Easy to use with very accurate results

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First tell us a bit about yourself

This works just like a dating website. Tell us as much as possible, like where do you work? Do you have a dog? Do you love or hate pubs? The more we know, the better the tool works.

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Rentonomy will then find the best area for you

Our famous "where shall i live" widget will match you with your perfect area. If you already know where you want to live just tell us even if it’s just a tube zone.

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Hold on to your hats

When we have all the information, we'll find the best property for you. If the perfect one isn't out there we'll show you the next best thing. You choose the exactness of the match.

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Contact the landlord and book a viewing

You can message landlords directly through your own personal dashboard. Whenever a new suitable property is uploaded you will receive an instant email alert to give you a heads-up.

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