Rentonomy is hiring

London’s most sophisticated rental platform needs London’s most sophisticated people. Our ambitious expansion strategy will require a large number of people in various roles. We want three things from people: intelligence, energy and integrity - if you don’t have the last one, the first two don’t matter. If you think you’ve got what it takes then take a look at the roles below and see if you think you could be right for any of them. We’re based in central London but we’re heavily virtualised meaning there are opportunities for home working.

All roles come with attractive packages and a brilliantly futuristic working structure.

For information or to apply Please send your CV and cover letter to If you’re a recruitment agent please don’t contact us, we won’t respond.

Tenant Care Executives

You’ll be helping tenants use Rentonomy’s super fancy technology to find their perfect home in the perfect area. We receive huge volumes of tenant enquiries every week and want to make sure each one feels loved and taken care of. You’ll be working on the phone, but we don’t have the battery hen feel of a contact-centre. You can even work at home so this is a great job for mums, disabled people and anyone who often gets a hard time in the jobs market. In most cases you’ll need to be available at least one day over the weekend.

Marketing Executives

Know your Google+ from your Mailchimp? We’re looking for energetic marketing executives who can spread the Rentonomy message across all sorts of different media. We’re a digital technology company so if you specialise in billboard advertising and print media, we’re probably not the right guys for you. If you’re currently in a marketing role and being told to keep your wacky off-beat ideas to yourself, come and have a chat with us.


Rentonomy started out as a blog all about renting in London and it remains a very important part of our identity. If you’re looking for a way to boost your credentials as a property journalist and know all about renting in London why not write for us? We are a regular point of call for all the London papers and most of the national ones.


Each year we have a limited number of unpaid internships working across the areas listed above. These are unpaid, not because we’re slave-drivers but because of what you get out of it. You get in-depth training and commercial experience from our house specialists on a level that you simply could not get in academia or on a training course. This will make you very employable indeed and we may even snap you up ourselves.