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London is a complicated place with a huge number of areas to choose from. At Rentonomy we split London into over 200 communities and our job is to find the best one for you. Simply tell us a few things about yourself and our unique area matching algorithm will do the rest. Our free service will instantly match you to your ideal areas and if you want to know more, a full comprehensive report is available for purchase and instant download. Read more

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How it works

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Tell us a bit about yourself

This works just like a dating website, do you have a dog? Love parks? Hate pubs? For the best results give us as much information as possible

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Already have some areas in mind? No problem.

If you know you want to live South of the river
in tube zone 2, you can specify that too.

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What about my budget?

This widget finds your perfect areas, it is not property specific. That is what our property matching algorithm is for, check it that out here.

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Find your perfect areas of London

Once the matching algorithm has all the information it needs it will set to work finding your perfect areas and you’ll be able to see your matching areas immediately. You also have the option to buy full reports with detailed insights, statistics and comparative analysis based on your areas.

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